Walk to the Stable


Coordinator: Tricia Hardin

This free, outdoor event is a re-creation of the Savior’s birth, presented by New Salem United Methodist Church in partnership with Visions Outreach Ministries. More than one hundred people participate nightly in costume as storytellers, guides, stable scene, Bethlehem marketplace vendors, shepherds, host and hostesses as well as valued behind-the-scenes workers and donors. Live animals are also in our midst.

Weather permitting, more than three hundred visitors attend from surrounding areas each night. Many attend yearly, starting the Christmas season with the focus on Christ’s birth and why we need a Savior.

The mission of this Walk to the Stable production is to provide a gift to the community, create opportunities to witness on behalf of Jesus, and remind people that Christ’s birth underscores how much God values each one that He has created.

For more information or to volunteer please call our office 704-872-6097